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An International Journal (ISSN 2229-9467)- Impact Factor: 0.1 (2015)

Journal of Industrial Research & Technology

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J. Ind. Res. & Tech., Volume 2, Issue 2, 2012

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1. Acid treated Indian Rosewood Sawdust (Dalbergia Sissoo): An Efficient Adsorbent for Methylene blue
2. Antimicrobial potential of Lantana camara agains phytopathogens
3. Potential of Ascorbic acid against oxidative burst in plants under biotic stress: A Review
4. Sand filtration: An effective post treatment option for aerobically treated wastewater
5. Effect of endosulfan on seed germination, growth and nutrients uptake of fenugreek plant
6. Food wastes as potential substrates for lactic acid production in open fermentation
7. Role of Smoking on the Textural Characteristics and Shelf-life of Buffalo Meat
8. Waste management practices of urban and rural school pupils in Malaysia