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An International Journal (ISSN 2229-9467)- Impact Factor: 0.1 (2015)

Journal of Industrial Research & Technology

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J. Ind. Res. & Tech., Volume 3, Issue 1, 2013

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1. A study on hydraulic loading rate and worm density in vermifiltration of Palm Oil Mill Effluent
2. Utilization of Chlorella vulgaris in the removal of ammonical nitrogen and phosphorus from Palm Oil Mill Effluent
3. Study of some physiochemical factors determining emulsion stability with mixed Emulsifiers
4. Effect of different cultures of lactic acid bacteria fermentation on quality and shelf life of semi dry fermented sausages of buffalo meat
5. Recovery of Fried Sunflower oil by Using Sugar Cane Industry Waste and Hot Water
6. Termite and borer resistance of oil palm wood treated with phenol formaldehyde resin
7. Fiber morphological transition for extraordinary EFB pulp network: Effects of extended beating of EFB alkaline peroxide pulp
8. Application of carbon membranes for gas separation: A Review